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The traditional bow-in at A.K.E.A. acknowledges the Warrior and the Scholar, and how they work together.


Attributes of the Warrior and Scholar are represented by the image and character of the Five Animals, as are our belt ranks.

The Tiger Pursues the Hurricane

The body of The Tiger represents the STRENGTH of the warrior. The character of The Tiger represent the COURTESY of the scholar.


The Serpent Tests the Air

The body of The Serpent represents the STAMINA of the warrior. The character of The Serpent represent the COURAGE of the scholar.


The Crane Airs Its Wings

The body of The Crane represents the SKILL of the warrior. The character of The Crane represent the CONFIDENCE of the scholar.


The Leopard Braves the Sword

The body of The Leopard represents the SPEED of the warrior. The character of The Leopard represent the COMMITMENT of the scholar.


The Dragon Rides the Wind
Ranks SHODAN (1st Degree Black) and above

The body of The Dragon represents the SURPRISE of the warrior. The character of The Dragon represent the CONTROL of the scholar.

American Karate

Escrima Assocation

our CreeD

Creed Part 1

Above all else,
to train my mind and body,
to follow the path of peacefulness.
In all ways,
through patience and discipline,
adjust myself to all conditions,
which I may meet in my daily life.

Creed Part 2

I am controlled by
positive thoughts and emotions.
I simply forcefully do all
that I am capable of doing.
I am proud of myself
regardless of my performance.
Because growth comes not from
always winning and succeeding,
but in always doing,
rising again to do again.

Creed Part 3

Should I be forced to defend myself,
my family, my country,
or the principles of justice
I am not intimidated by the size, appearance,
or attitude of my opponent.
My force overwhelms like the hurricane,
my techniques cut like the sword,
and my fighting spirit is like the tiger.

Creed Part 4

As a warrior,
I make mercy and strength my companions
and nonviolence my first weapon.
In confronting life and my fellow man,
I follow the six precepts of the warrior:

Do more than think: Reflect
Do more than talk: Say Something
Do more than hear: Understand
Do more than look: Observe
Do more than touch: Feel
Do more than exist: Live!



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