Halloween 2017

A great time was had by all – students, parents, and instructors alike.  Thanks to Mrs. Brengle for all her hard work in organizing this fun event.  Big thanks to Mr. Allen, Mrs. Carle, Mrs. Gallentine, and Mr. Remillard for their help.  

Congratulations to Most Fierce, Miss Carrera, aka Wolf Girl.  

Congratulations for Best Costume, Mr. Slavin, aka BB8. 

Congratulations the Pumpkin Patch winner, Mr Oguakwa II. 

For more great pictures, take a look in the gallery.

A.K.E.A. Traditions, Ranks, and Creeds

The traditional bow-in at A.K.E.A. acknowledges the Warrior and the Scholar, and how they work together.  Attributes of the Warrior and Scholar are represented by the image and character of the Five Animals, as are our belt ranks. Read More …