The Clean Sweep T-shirt Design Contest is Underway

Once again, Team A.K.E.A. is excited to participate in Clean Sweep, Auburn’s largest community volunteer project on April 22.  In Celebration of Earth Day, we will work together with City employees and other volunteers to improve our neighborhoods.  In years past, we have worked on landscaping projects in Veteran’s Memorial Park and Isaac Evans Park.  Take a look in the gallery to see what we have helped accomplish.  

As in years past, Team A.K.E.A. volunteers will be provided with T-shirts designed by one of our youth students.  







In 2015, Mr. Allen’s pack of cleaning ninjas attacked this town with mops and buckets and squeegees to make Auburn shine.  


     In 2016, Mr. Miller’s ninja swept leaves off the sidewalk in front of his mom’s hair salon.

Aren’t they creative?  What is it going to be this year?  All A.K.E.A. students 17 and under are invited to submit a design.  The rules are:

  • All designs must be black and white.  No colored entries will be accepted.
  • All designs must be related to karate, martial arts, ninjas, etc.
  • All designs must be related to cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, etc.
  • All designs should include “Team A.K.E.A.” or “American Karate Escrima Association” and “Clean Sweep 2017”
  • The artist’s signature should be included.  
  • Entries may be submitted to Mrs. Barnette or Mrs. Peterson in person or by email by March 15.
  • All entries will be posted on the website.
  • The winner will be announced, and T-shirt orders will be placed by March 31.

You’re asking yourself, “how can I get my hands on one of these awesome T-shirts”, right?  It’s easy.  If you are a student or are in any way related to a student, you can join Team A.K.E.A. in this event.  You can help…young or not-so-young, green thumb or not…come be part of something big.  Please sign up by March 31, so we can get T-shirts ordered.  You may list your T-shirt size in the comments, or you may email Mrs. Barnette or Mrs. Peterson.  We look forward to seeing you there!