The A.K.E.A. is getting a facelift!

We are so excited to be part of the restoration project in downtown Auburn.  Built in 1924, this Masonic Temple has been home of the King Solomon Lodge No. 60 since the beginning.  The A.K.E.A. has been occupying the lower level since 1999.

As a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places, any facade improvements require restoration back to the original design.  As you can see in the photo below, there used to be three store fronts.  By completion of the project, there will once again be three doors on the Main Street side.

Construction Phase 1 will begin within a couple weeks.  The farthest east section where the trophies are currently located will be the first to go.  The interior wall of the testing room will be removed, making way for the new lobby.  Please bear with us.  It will be worth the wait!


Circa 1937, the Masonic Temple in its original glory.


This renovation project is by Gentry Custom Remodel.

The “trophy shelf” and wall of the testing room came down.

img_20161003_101037img_20161003_101009 img_20161003_194850

The external wall is next.

img_20161004_193917 img_20161004_142756

The bottom half is down.

img_20161004_194057 img_20161004_193934

And…it’s gone.

img_20161005_170213 img_20161005_170226

The new door is cut in, and the new wall is getting framed in.

img_20161007_160920 img_20161010_100631 img_20161010_100654

The walls are up!

img_20161010_194308 img_20161010_194325

Framed in & getting ready for the glass.

img_20161011_201100 img_20161011_201129

You can see inside now, and the inside wall is mudded.

img_20161012_155614 img_20161013_110257

The glass is in!

img_20161019_160029 img_20161021_101454

The view from the inside:

img_20161024_100858 img_20161024_100924













Great job cleaning the carpet, Ron Legacy & son, Gabriel from Legacy Services.

img_20161031_101008 img_20161031_101018

img_20161031_112658 img_20161031_112843

The new windows are clean thanks to The Window Crew.


The tiger door has been moved, and chairs are starting to show up.  It’s getting close now!


A place for shoes and coats…NICE!


It’s official!  The new entrance and lobby are ready for use.

img_20161107_121301 img_20161107_121150 img_20161107_121223img_20161107_121208

Thank you to all our students, parents, and instructors for your patience during this project.  It was worth the wait!