Do you have an A.K.E.A. t-shirt?

Show your A.K.E.A. pride by wearing one of these great shirts.  And at $18 (+tax), you will want to get one for everyone…students, parents, family, friends. 

Stock on hand is limited.  Some sizes are available in either red or black.  

(Stay tuned.  We are currently in search of a new vendor to order more A.K.E.A. custom gear, including hoodies, tank tops, and more. )


Need martial arts supplies?

A.K.E.A. members receive a 10% discount from Century Martial Arts by ordering through the school.

Visit the Century Marital Arts Website to look for the items you would like to order, but DO NOT ORDER DIRECTLY FROM CENTURY.  Fill out the form below with item numbers, quantity, sizes, colors, and other options you need, and we will add it to our next bulk order.

Frequently ordered items:

uniform  •  solid belts  •  black stripe belts  •  headgear  •  handpads  •  shin guards  •  mouthguard  •  escrima sticks  •  padded sticks  •  training knife

Kobudo weapons are available at an even bigger discount:

bo staff $18  *  tunfa $25  *  sai $55 *  kama $20  

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