Little Dragons’ Flag Sparring Tournament Results

From the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat, (yes, there were some tears) this year’s Little Dragons’ Flag Sparring Tournament had it all.  These warriors were in it to win it! 

The field started to narrow with the Sweet Sixteen.  Still undefeated up this point, some were about to start fighting to hang on.  Mr. Oguakwa over Mr. Howard, Mr. Oguakwa II over Mr. Nichols, Miss Edwards over Mr. Selzler, and Mr. Schober over Mr. Perez. 

With one loss already hanging over them, for some, this would be their last bout.  Mr. Howard over Miss Rogers, Mr. Tanner over Mr. Nichols, Mr. Walton over Mr. Selzler, and Mr. Stachlowski over Mr. Perez.  And then there were 8…

The Elite Eight, that is.  Still undefeated, it was cousin vs. cousin.  Excitement filled the room as Mr. Oguakwa handed Mr. Oguakwa II his first loss of the night.  The crowd was in a frenzy for the next bout.  Both still undefeated, the only girl left fighting, Miss Edwards sent Mr. Schober to the loser’s bracket.

Fighting with a loss, it was Mr. Tanner over Mr. Howard and Mr. Walton over Mr. Stachlowski.  Still fighting to hang on, it was Mr. Tanner over Mr. Schober and Mr. Oguakwa II over Mr. Walton.  And then there 4…

The Final Four had everyone cheering.  Only two competitors were left undefeated.  Mr. Oguakwa came out on top over Miss Edwards.  Both with one loss, Mr. Tanner beat Mr. Oguakwa II, leaving him in 4th place.  Mr. Tanner had to fight back to back.  This time beating Miss Edwards, leaving her in 3rd place.  Was this going to be the final bout of the night?  Could Mr. Tanner continue his winning streak, handing Mr. Oguakwa his first loss of the night, and requiring a rematch?  Red-faced, sweaty, and even after getting a tooth knocked out, Mr. Tanner went in fighting.  But when it was all said and done, Mr. Oguakwa was our undefeated, 1st place winner, with Mr. Tanner coming in a very close 2nd.

Great fighting, Ladies and Gentlemen!  All of you did a great job!

Thank you to Mrs. Peterson for organizing this fun and exciting event.  Thank you to our center judges, Mr. Harmaning and Mr. Moore.  Thank you to our ring judges, Mrs. Brengle, Mr. Remillard, and Mr. Jordan.  Thank you to our bracket masters, Mrs. Barnette and Mr. Tipton.  Thank you to our videographer, Miss Moore, and to our photographer, Mr. Barnette.  And most importantly, thank you to our parents, families, and friends that came to support these students.  You made it worthwhile! 



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