Kobudo 2017 was a huge success!

Pictures from the Kobudo Demo & Picnic will be coming soon.  In the meantime, take a look at the pictures below from all the great groups leading up to the Demo.

Camp concluded with some students learning Okinawan Nihanshi Shodan.  See more pictures here.

These kids were so good, in fact,  they were ready to take on Dr. Moss with his sword.  Check out these pictures.  

These first year Kobudo Kids have Bo-Bo down.  Take a look at some of these high jumpers here!


During the final review, students were evaluated for rank promotions to be announced Saturday at the Demo.  See more pictures here.

Now that Dr. Moss is here, some of the Black Belts got to play.  See more pictures here.

The Advanced Kobudo Kids are honing their skills in preparation for the Demo on Saturday.  See more pictures here.

Some of the instructors got to learn Matayoshi No Kami Ni.  See more pictures here.

It’s not just the adults that get to have fun.  These 2nd year Kobudo Kids are learning Matayoshi No Tunfa  Ich.  See more pictures here.

Let the bo fighting begin with Bo-Bo.  See more pictures here.

Now they know Chotoku Kyan no Sai.  See more pictures here.  

Then we added Chou No Kon.  See more pictures here.  

Next came Matayoshi No Tunfa  Ich.  See more pictures here.  

The first group of the year gave students an opportunity to learn some basic bo techniques through the form, Shi Hon Uki.  See more pictures here.