Instructor of the Year

Running a martial arts school is no easy task.  It takes the concerted efforts of the diverse group of men and women that make up your Instructor Team.  Every year, it is a challenge to  pick just one to be named “Instructor of the Year”.  

Teaching groups and/or lessons is the most easily visible task performed by our instructors.  You see (and hear) them teaching week after week.  What you do not see is what goes on behind the scenes.  Together, we train, we plan, we organize, we execute ideas, we evolve, we expand., and this takes a lot of work.  This year’s Instructor of the Year has stepped in and stepped up every time she has been called upon.  She trains hard to be come the best martial artist and instructor that she can be.  She is willing to take on extra tasks and help where she is needed.  She is wise and has offered up some great ideas.  We are extremely thankful to have her on our team.

It is with great honor and pride that we present this year’s Instructor of the Year:  Mrs. Kathy Brengle.