Adult Advanced Escrima

February 1, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Due to nature of this group, ALL students must have Mr. Moore’s permission to attend.

While Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) are primarily known for their stick and knife skills, they also have effective empty hands skills for self-defense. In addition to exploring advanced stick and knife work, this group will also introduce students to Panatukan, also known as “Filipino Dirty Boxing”, and Dumog which are some of the grappling techniques associated with the Filipino Martial Arts.

In this group we will cover:

  • Training in the 12 strikes and parries
  • Witik strikes and defense, and Abinico counters and striking
  • Double stick sinawali drill, the single basket weave and the empty hand applications of this stick drill
  • Knife skills and defenses
  • Limb destruction and gunting with the empty hand striking
  • The Hubad-Lubad drill, also known as Filipino sticky hands with the stick, knife and close quarter empty hand combat applications
  • Focus mitt drills to increase hand speed and power
  • A Lock Flow Drill designed to teach how to transition from one joint lock technique to the next in close quarter combat