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We provide a hands-on practical approach to modern self-defense. Tailored to all ability levels, we look forward to helping you develop skills to better defend youself.


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It is never too late to start training to defend yourself. We are committed to helping you become a better version of yourself.

We believe that private instruction is key maximizing your potential. All students receive private instruction by our certified instructors who are trained in proven educational methods. We respect your ability, age, gender, and schedule.


Did you know that couples can train together for no additional charge?

Training together is a great way to bond and encourage each other to improve! 

Adult classes

We have a variety of adult classes for ability levels and skills. In addition to weekly self-defense groups, we also offer women’s defense groups, weapons classes, grappling, and more.

Our self-defense community is welcoming and we are looking forward to you joining us.

Youth classes

For students under the age of 18, this program is focused on self-confidence, discipline, and establishing good behavior, as well as personal self-defense and fitness. An easy to learn, step-by-step program, that encourages kids and sets attainable goals.

Once they turn 18 years old, all junior black belts may apply to transfer their belt rank to a permanent adult black belt.

Little Dragons

At $95.00 a month, this program is designed especially for kids ages 4 to 6 who are exploring the martial arts.

In a fun setting, children develop:

  • Major motor functions
  • Self defense awareness
  • Listening skills
  • Following directions
  • Self-confidence

Our Dojo.
Our Family.

An eclectic martial arts style combining principles of Karate and Escrima into a well-rounded approach to self-defense was established in 1987 by Mr. Glenn Harmaning.  He combined his extensive knowledge of Karate, Kenpo, and Filipino Escrima and Kali into a system which is based on the principles and dynamics of motion and physiology which encompass all the martial arts. The Japanese-Okinawan emphasis on strong, well-developed basic techniques, and the fast, fluid weapon and empty hand skills of Filipino Kali-Escrima form the foundation of the A.K.E.A. In addition, concepts from Chinese Kung-Fu, Korean Karate, Kenpo, Jujitsu, and Aikido can be found in A.K.E.A. techniques and skills. All instruction is geared toward use in and preparation for self-defense rather than sport applications.

The A.K.E.A retains some of the most important traditions of historical Japanese/Okinawan karate out of respect for the history and contributions of those masters and styles who formed the very heart of the martial arts we practice today. We adhere to the martial arts traditions that foster respect, discipline, personal honor, loyalty, and a sense of lineage. Although the martial arts are often associated with Eastern religious philosophies, the A.K.E.A. finds value in preserving these traditions without religious affiliation.

Other traditions that the A.K.E.A. preserves are: belt ranking traditions and practices, the bow of respect, the practice of forms (kata), standards of authority among black belt (Dan) ranks, the practice of breaking (tameashiwara), the practice of weapons along with the empty hand arts, and methods of sparring that differ from sport fighting due to their direct, skill-based application to self-defense encounters.


I just want to say thank you. I’ve had several martial art instructors over the years. All of them have taught me self –defenses and discipline. But you were the one who taught me how to try and de-escalate the situation; to avoid the fight from happening. That training helped me get out of a bad situation today without any harm done.

Thank you.

Steven P.

Outstanding school! Quality instruction, quality material, and a quality interest in you as the student. There is an excellent balance of traditional styles and teaching with modern practices in applying techniques and principles for practical self defense. There is no better place to attend; only different. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Josh F.



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