Training for a lifetime

I was an avid martial arts student and practitioner while in my 30s and 40s, and, with my children, simultaneously studied sports karate and separate self-defense systems for my own gain. My self-defense instructor was relocated in 1994 and I began lessons with Master Harmaning. Employment forced me to move away in 1995 and I unfortunately needed to move studies northward. After a series of physical injuries and illnesses including a stroke at 60 years old I was out of condition and my agility in walking was seriously impaired. Finally, at 64 years old I found myself recovered enough to begin to consider how to rebuild my physical stamina, balance, and mental confidence. I approached the AKEA because the one standout feature of Master Harmaning’s program was not only the adherence to a mental discipline, but also a particular attention paid to body mechanics that was not found in any of the other four systems that I had previously studied.  The other systems that I had studied all concentrated on physical conditioning to overcome whatever problems might be arisen by contorting the body to unacceptable positioning. Master Harmaning’s program always paid attention to the angle of the foot, knee, hip, and upper body to ensure longevity in the practice of the martial art. At my current age upper kicks and physical attacks are no longer an option so the studying of practical application that I can do into my 90s is much more important than I realized when I was 30.

In addition, the structuring of the AKEA program is much superior to that I was that I’ve seen and experienced in other systems, where the focus was often on the students unmerited rising in the ranks for the financial gain of the instructor not the education student. This is never been the case in the case of the AKEA.  I’m happy and proud to be back.

Mr. Phil Hansen