Little Dragons is growing

Little Dragons dates back to the mid-90s when Mr. Steve Yerger, Yondan (4th degree), manager of the A.K.E.A. in Salem, Oregon, explored the idea of offering a program for young children to start developing self-defense awareness.  His program was so popular that he had up to 40 kids enrolled.

In 2003, the A.K.E.A in Auburn decided to implement the program here.  Mr. Cully, the manager at the time, turned over the organization and development of the program to Mrs. Barnette.  Armed with a handful of ideas from Mr. Yerger and a brand new red belt, Mrs. Barnette started with three 3-year-olds and has been teaching Little Dragons ever since.

With both existing groups full and a long waiting list, the A.K.E.A. is happy to announce the addition of a new Little Dragons Group starting September 1.  This group is designed for 4 to 6-year-olds to build self-confidence while relating everything back to self-defense.  This is a great place for a child to explore the martial arts, develop listening skills, and improve impulse control, all while having fun.

For more information on this and other programs at the A.K.E.A., please contact us.