It was another great year of Kobudo Camp

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Thank you Dr. Crayton Moss, for coming once again for Kobudo Camp 2016.  It is our honor and privilege to train with such an amazing martial artist and a fine man.  It was fun!  Let’s do it again next year.

To the students that participated this year, thank you for all your hard work.  To the parents and spouses that had to rearrange schedules to accommodate extra training time, thank you.  To the instructors that taught Kobudo prep groups and that worked with students over and over to help them learn these new skills, thank you.  To everyone that took time on a Saturday morning to come to the demo and picnic, thank you.  The A.K.E.A.-A.K.K.W. Kobudo Camp would not happen without all of you.

To those of you that did not attend this year, mark your calendar for next year.  Check out pictures and video of what you missed here in the gallery.

  • Mr. Harmaning, Founder and Head Instructor
  • Mrs Barnette, Operations Manager and Senior Instructor