The A.K.E.A. is proud to have been in business in the City of Auburn for over 20 years and can be found participating in many local events.  We also host special groups and camps at the School, as well as public blackbelt tests.  Check out some of the A.K.E.A. history in pictures and video.


See more pictures from Halloween 2017

See more pictures from Basic Handgun May 2017

See more pictures from Clean Sweep 2017

Thank you to the Allen/Do family, Mrs. Barnette, the Brengle family, Mr. Harmaning, the Moore family, the Mugford family, the Peterson family, and the Tipton family for making Team A.K.E.A.’s project a success.  As they say, “many hands make light work”.  We were able to spread wood chips along both paths in the Community Garden so quickly, that we were able to beat the rain.  Great job!  


Let’s Rock!  Little Dragons Flag Sparring Tournament 2017

See more pictures from Basic Handgun – March, 2017

Mr. Layacan’s Jr. Black Belt Test 2017

Women’s Group 2016 

Little Dragons Parents’ Night

Nidan Test 2016

Congratulations to Mr. Swetz

A.K.E.A. Christmas Party & Awards Banquet 2016

Veterans Day Parade 2016

The view from in front of the A.K.E.A.

See more pictures of the Facade Improvement 2016


Halloween 2016



Nidan Test 2016

Congratulations to Mr. Harmaning.


See more pictures from Adult Escrima Group 2016

Kobudo 2016

Shihan Harmaning & Sensei Bailey under the tutelage of Dr. Moss


Beginning Kobudo Review with Dr. Moss


Kids Camp


Bo-Sword with Dr. Moss

Sandan Test 2016

Congratulations to Mr. Tork and Mrs. Carle


Clean Sweep 2016

Thank you to the Allen/Do family, the Barnettes, the Davis/Christensen family, Mr. Harmaning, Mr. Moore, the Mugford family, and Mr. Tork for all their hard work making Isaac Evans Park beautiful.  And thank you to Mr. Miller for this year’s great design.


Shodan Test 2015

Congratulations to Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Jensen.


Auburn Health Fair 2015  (photos by Shirley Chung, Absolutely Perilous)

Thank you to Team AKEA for a great demonstration.  Mr. Tork even got a chance to teach Blitz a thing or two.


Clean Sweep 2015

Thank you to the Allen family, the Barnettes, the Brengle family, Mr. Harmaning, and the Meagor family for their hard work with the City of Auburn Parks Department on a landscaping project at Veteran’s Memorial Park.  And thank you to Mr. Allen for this year’s great design.  Go Team AKEA!


Little Dragons Tournament 2015


Halloween 2014 – AKEA Style


Shodan Test 2014

Congratulations to Mrs. Jay and Mr. Naranjo.


Auburn Health Fair 2014 – A.K.E.A. Demo Group


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See more pictures from Mr. Bailey’s & Mr. Moore’s Sandan Test 2011

See more pictures from Mr. Beach’s Jr. 2nd Degree Test 2011

See more pictures from the A.K.E.A. Tournament 2010

See more pictures from Mr. McVey’s Nidan test 2009

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