Pad Holding Workshop

Mr. Remillard is offering this workshop for any student 15 and older. It is open to all belt ranks.  Don’t miss it!  Friday, Oct 20, 6:00-8:00.  
Training with pads will allow you to go beyond sparring, where you need to use control.  Pad work will allow you train to fight at full speed and full power. This pad holding workshop will teach students how to properly and safely hold pads, as well as how to train to punch for self defense. Training with pads will improve punching power, punching speed, reaction time, targeting, and timing.

Congratulations to the A.K.E.A.’s most recent Shodan

The AKEA is proud to announce our newest Shodan, Mrs. Michelle Dodge (formerly Jensen)!  Mrs. Dodge has been training at the AKEA for almost eight years, earning her junior black belt in 2015. She began college shortly after attaining this rank; however, continued her training on a monthly basis with Mr. Bailey. Her dedication to training in between lessons is a testament to her commitment to the martial way. Her spirit was consistent throughout her test and demonstrated everything we expect to see from a Shodan in the AKEA. We are proud to award Mrs. Dodge the lifetime rank of first degree black belt.
“While I was always impressed by Mrs. Dodge’s commitment and determination to succeed, her strength of mind and character as a martial artist was most apparent after she earned her junior black belt.  She should be proud of her accomplishment in knowing that she not only achieved a goal that most people do not, but that she did it in such a way that demonstrated the highest levels of self-discipline, focus, and warrior spirit – traits that define a true martial artist.  It is truly an honor and privilege for me to have trained with Mrs. Dodge, both as her instructor and as a fellow warrior!”  -Mrs. Jay


Take a look at the video of her test posted on the Black Belt Test Video page

A.K.E.A. Traditions, Ranks, and Creeds

The traditional bow-in at A.K.E.A. acknowledges the Warrior and the Scholar, and how they work together.  Attributes of the Warrior and Scholar are represented by the image and character of the Five Animals, as are our belt ranks. Read More …