Life Skills for Every Day

The quick reflexes and solid horse stance I learned at the A.K.E.A. saved my leg.

My pant leg was caught in the gears of an industrial oven that would have most certainly shredded my foot and ankle if I had not responded immediately.

The Carhartts were ripped up to my thigh but I walked away with nothing but a red mark and some grease on my leg.

Self defense does not always involve being attacked by a bad guy.

A.K.E.A. teaches every day life skills.

Little Dragon Dad

“Thank you for teaching self defense to our kid!  At 4 years of age, he is using this class as a great opportunity to be a self-confident, disciplined gentleman. He just doesn’t know it yet.  We appreciate how the A.K.E.A. Auburn is improving his confidence and ability to follow directions.”

A.K.E.A. Traditions, Ranks, and Creeds

The traditional bow-in at A.K.E.A. acknowledges the Warrior and the Scholar, and how they work together.  Attributes of the Warrior and Scholar are represented by the image and character of the Five Animals, as are our belt ranks. Read More …