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A Ground Fighting Workshop has been added to the February schedule!  
On Friday the 23rd, from 6:00 to 8:00, all A.K.E.A. students, age 13 and over, are invited to attend.  In this workshop, Mr. Remillard will:
  • review getting out from under the mount
  • teach how to defend against strikes from your back
  • work on controlling the top position
  • teach how to strike while maintaining the dominant position

For additional information, please check with your instructor.  

Congratulations to Mr. Moore

It is a great honor and privilege to announce the promotion of Sensei Craig Moore to Director of Curriculum Development and Implementation for the A.K.E.A.  Sensei Moore has proven over the years that his desire to advance the skills and perpetuity of the A.K.E.A. is his own mission. I have confidence that anything he brings to the school will benefit beginning, intermediate, and advanced students alike. He has written a foundational Escrima book, as well as developed programs and curriculum that cover the entire range of rank skills. His managing of the school in its early days makes his direction and guidance to instructors an invaluable resource.  Thank you, Sensei Moore, for accepting this position.  

Mr. Harmaning, Shihan
Founder and Head Instructor

Mrs. Tecklenburg regrets she will be missing the A.K.E.A. Christmas Party this year, and would like to share this with her fellow warriors:

I will be at that game in the freezing Toronto stadium, and thinking of all of you: My Warrior Partner Ms White, and our core group.  As Mr Tork has said, you know who that core group is.  (Mr Hansen, Mr Tipton, Mr Allen): I feel you are a part of my family (And I have HIGH standards of men in my family because of my great relatives).  I have grown because of these men in my AKEA journey.  Not withstanding, I have learned & love to train with Mr Lercher, Mr Franklin, & Mr Preston: you guys are invaluable & so insightful too. I love you Ms Barnette for being SO picky w/ Ms White & I.  I love that Mr Tork has this passion for making Women empowered & strong.  Thank you Mr Moore for allowing me into your group & being patient with me, (that is amazingly huge to me). I love AKEA in that they train in so many different forms of Martial Arts: Mr Remillard in ground fighting, Mr Bailey in AKKW, Mr Moore in Escrima/empy hand, etc.  Thank you Mr Harmaning for have the most original Dojo that has become a 2nd family to me.  But most of all, I am so honored to have the best Warrior Partner EVER in MS WHITE!!!!

It is with mixed emotions that we say farewell to Sensei Ken Tork, Sandan here at the A.K.E.A.

Mr. Tork will  be investing his time with work and family preparing for a new chapter of his life.

Sensei Tork’s time at the A.K.E.A. has been invaluable as a student, instructor, and contributor to the high standards that we set for our school and instruction. I have known Mr. Tork since the 90s when the first school opened in Auburn, as one of the first students to begin training.  Throughout this journey, he has shown the dedication and commitment to making his skill and that of his students exceptional. He has brought many students to black belt over the years; Mr. Tork challenged and guided them with what each needed to be successful. Mr. Tork’s fighting group has been legendary drawing consistent high attendance. 

Mr. Tork has seen changes in school management, locations, instructors, and students, all the while remaining stalwart and steady to give us a sense of stability.  Professionally, his desire for excellence will be long remembered.

We make bonds here as instructors. Personally, Sensei Tork is my friend. I have traveled roads of tragedy and triumph with him.  I’ve seen him create hope for others all over the country out of his own personal loss. I’ve prayed with him and tried to encourage him through rough times, but in actuality he ended up encouraging me more. All instructors over the years have been touched positively in many ways by Mr. Tork.

Sensei Tork, you will be sorely missed. I know that you will stay in touch as much as possible. This lame attempt to honor you is very inadequate. What I’ve shared with you over the years is beyond words. I’m not going to say “goodbye”. I will offer you the famous farewell of a great warrior – “live long and prosper”. 

Mr. Harmaning, Shihan
Founder and Head Instructor

 Photo credit:  Silent Knight Productions LLC

It is with great sadness that the A.K.E.A. announces the resignation of Mr. Tork

I have the known Mr. Tork since he joined the A.K.E.A. somewhere around late 1994/early 1995.  At that time the school was located out in North Auburn in a small storefront.  He was part of a group of die-hard gung-ho advanced students that came to my advanced group every Wednesday.  There were about a dozen students and groups were intense with bruises and bloody noses being fairly common.  Mr. Tork was always there, and I knew even then he was a special student.

A couple years later, I had the immense privilege of becoming his private instructor.  Later on, he become one of the instructors teaching for me at the school.  It was during this time that my respect for his dedication and commitment really grew.  We would often drive down to Oregon together to complete in tournaments. and Mr. Tork almost always finished in the top 3 for sparring in his divisions.

As instructor he is second to none.  Students have always appreciated his commitment to teach real life self-defense.  As students are getting ready for their black belt test, there is no one I would trust more to get them ready.  I have always had complete confidence in him, and I know that there is nothing more important to him than the development of his students.  He has always given 100% to them.

We have been there for each other, at both our high points and our low points in life.  At one point I had to step away from the school for a couple years, and it was Mr. Tork that sought me out and convinced me to come back to the school.  Over the 20+ years we have training and taught together, Mr. Tork has become more than just a student to me, he is someone I count as a friend.  I understand that sometimes life has a ways of interfering with your plans, but I have every confidence that Mr. Tork will continue his journey in the martial arts.

His presence will be greatly missed, and the school will seem a lot quieter without his energy. Take care Mr. Tork! – Sensei Craig Moore, Yondan


Halloween 2017

A great time was had by all – students, parents, and instructors alike.  Thanks to Mrs. Brengle for all her hard work in organizing this fun event.  Big thanks to Mr. Allen, Mrs. Carle, Mrs. Gallentine, and Mr. Remillard for their help.  

Congratulations to Most Fierce, Miss Carrera, aka Wolf Girl.  

Congratulations for Best Costume, Mr. Slavin, aka BB8. 

Congratulations the Pumpkin Patch winner, Mr Oguakwa II. 

For more great pictures, take a look in the gallery.

Pad Holding Workshop

Mr. Remillard is offering this workshop for any student 15 and older. It is open to all belt ranks.  Don’t miss it!  Friday, Oct 20, 6:00-8:00.  
Training with pads will allow you to go beyond sparring, where you need to use control.  Pad work will allow you train to fight at full speed and full power. This pad holding workshop will teach students how to properly and safely hold pads, as well as how to train to punch for self defense. Training with pads will improve punching power, punching speed, reaction time, targeting, and timing.

Congratulations to the A.K.E.A.’s most recent Shodan

The AKEA is proud to announce our newest Shodan, Mrs. Michelle Dodge (formerly Jensen)!  Mrs. Dodge has been training at the AKEA for almost eight years, earning her junior black belt in 2015. She began college shortly after attaining this rank; however, continued her training on a monthly basis with Mr. Bailey. Her dedication to training in between lessons is a testament to her commitment to the martial way. Her spirit was consistent throughout her test and demonstrated everything we expect to see from a Shodan in the AKEA. We are proud to award Mrs. Dodge the lifetime rank of first degree black belt.
“While I was always impressed by Mrs. Dodge’s commitment and determination to succeed, her strength of mind and character as a martial artist was most apparent after she earned her junior black belt.  She should be proud of her accomplishment in knowing that she not only achieved a goal that most people do not, but that she did it in such a way that demonstrated the highest levels of self-discipline, focus, and warrior spirit – traits that define a true martial artist.  It is truly an honor and privilege for me to have trained with Mrs. Dodge, both as her instructor and as a fellow warrior!”  -Mrs. Jay


Take a look at the video of her test posted on the Black Belt Test Video page

Upcoming Handgun Courses


Personal Protection 1 will be held on September 30 and October 1.  This is the next step in firearms training.  It is designed for those with some experience that are ready to learn what you MUST know if you are going to own or carry a firearm.  This course also includes live fire training.  

The Basic Handgun Course has been rescheduled for October 14 and 15.  It is designed for those with little firearms experience, as well as a great refresher course for anyone that has let their skills get rusty.  The goal of this course is to teach safe gun handling habits, gain knowledge, and build confidence.  

The second day of the course includes live fire training under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer in the action bays at Renton Fish and Game Club.  

Time and cost information can be found on the links above.  Space is extremely limited, and both courses will fill up fast.  For additional information or to register, please email Mrs. Barnette right away.